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what's up, y'all?! it is true.. i am drunk.. actually i was drunk.. now after some soup, an entire package of saltines, a hansens's vannila cola and an hour and a half of facebook bullshit.....i am just "loose." ok. tonight it was whiskey and pepsi… more »
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eric in da house

yo sukkaz! here in missouri we are in the middle of the great blizzard of death/2011. it's pretty effing intense.. like 20" of snow. i ain't goin nowhere man! --i am laying in bed typing this, and my ceiling just popped super loud. i think this might… more »
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what's up duuuuudes??? i got a new laptop a couple of days ago and i love it! it has put me back in semi-computereric mode. i even downloaded the WoW ten day trial and have been playing that a bit. i'm having trouble getting sucked-in like i used to… more »
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bzZZz....... bZzZZ....... bZZzz.......

hola. it has been a while. how you doin brendo? what's been going on? what video games have you been playing? what kind of martial arts have you been practising? will you be in the san diego metro area any time soon? i was looking at upcoming concerts… more »
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i forgot my password and i started to freak out, but then it came back to me... to whoever put "the lebron game?" on the season finale poll i say "hehe". also, i'm goin to missouri for a wedding. i'll be in the heezy june 21 - july 2. i'm excited.… more »
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robot wiener

yo, here's some pictures of my puppy. warning GIANT ASS PICTURES more »
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hello everyyyyyone. i just registered a domain name. i got ...i had that domain a long-ass time ago. i got it for free from some place...i can't remember the name... and they put an ad at the bottom... anyway. i wasn't gonna go,… more »
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yo homies. i'm kickin it live in farmington, missouri right now. i came home for the summer to work with my cousin jeremy. we clean out dirty-ass forclosed upon houses. it kinda sucks... but it's not all that bad. i think i'm headed back to california… more »
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Gov. Tim Kaine

(D) Virginia ...while listening to george bush i zoned out and thought about how rediculous anything sounds when it comes out of his mouth. then i started thinking about what saturday night live might do with the whole state of the union shit this… more »
posted by Eric | 2006-01-31| 21:37:12| Eric's Insights| 1 comment »

yo merry christmas y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i went to an 80's christmas party a couple of days ago... it was pretty rad. i bought a women's medium turtle neck sweater at a goodwill and hot glued… more »
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what's up dudes? i've been kickin it in san diego. things are swell. i got friggin sickkkkkkkk after thanksgiving... i got an infection in my lungs and for like five days i had to focus ~85% of my brain power on properly breathing so that i could get… more »
posted by Eric | 2005-12-11| 23:09:32| Eric's Insights| 1 comment »

boyz II men

abc bvd east coast fa-mil-y mmmm mmmm more »
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i gots no brains

yoyooyooyoo. i'm listening to missy elliott, it's goin pretty good. i was like 2 hours late for work last night because i got lost in the san diego mass transit web... it was stresstastic. i'm gettin trained as a server at the bee's, so my money… more »
posted by Eric | 2005-11-13| 20:16:31| Eric's Insights| 7 comments »


yo. i haven't posted in friggin forever... i moved to my new apartment by the ocean, it's pretty fly. me and my roommates also got a dvr which is also fly. the album "doggystyle" by snoop dogg is definately fly. working at applebee's probably isn't… more »
posted by Eric | 2005-11-06| 19:34:37| Eric's Insights| 2 comments »


yo players not much going on in hereland... i did get that apartment that i was talking about the other day... so i'm pretty much pumped about that. 1.5 blocks from the ocean. 2 blocks from billy ocean. ...i'm gonna go eat some easy mac more »
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robotica erotica

hullo. today me and the two people i live with sent in our application for a badass apartment that's like 100yards from the ocean. ohhhh man i hope we get our shite approved. we looked around the manager's apartment to see if we liked it... and it was… more »
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dude! this shit is hilarious to me!!! ahhh... i am laughing RIGHT NOW thinking about it. oh yeah... it's a link to brendan's old message board. it's just full of ridiculous crap. also-- brendan: me and my two roommates are coming up to anaheim on… more »
posted by Eric | 2005-09-06| 03:08:55| Eric's Insights| 3 comments »


hee hee... i was looking through some old posts... this page has come a long way. when i first entered brendo-land it resided in geocities. remember when we(henry, brendo, brian, and smiles) flamed the shit out of your message board jim-what's his… more »
posted by Eric | 2005-09-05| 02:36:33| Eric's Insights| 4 comments »


i'm eating this oatmeal and raisin breakfast bar thingy and it tastes EXACTLY like the way that a hay-ride smells. it's awesome. pretty much all i've been doing lately is reading... and i'm always out on some crazy tangent thinking about shit i've been… more »
posted by Eric | 2005-09-03| 18:18:52| Eric's Insights| 10 comments »

sup poonannies? i played some basketball today and got D-stroyed in some 2on2 action. i was able to remember a few dreams from last night, so hopefully that means that my lucid training is going well. swords guns knives knives communism… more »
posted by Eric | 2005-09-02| 22:06:21| Eric's Insights| 4 comments »

hola. what's up humanoids? i'm kickin' it san diego style... well not really. i just got outta bed so my mind is kinda swirly. i started reading this book called "dream yoga". it's pretty fly. it's all about learning to be aware while you're asleep,… more »
posted by Eric | 2005-09-01| 18:05:40| Eric's Insights| 3 comments »

bruce wayne

yo dudes eric here ummmmmmmmm... a-ight. i haven't posted in like 79 years. i don't quite know what to say. i was in MO working at 7-11 on the graveyard shift, then i quit and moved back in with my parents... then i got a job at a hotel as a front… more »
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Call my cell phone as soon as you get this! Do you remember your forum password? 'Cause my phone number is in the LOD forum if you can login. If not, we'll work something else out. Danny and I can set you up with a POP account if you… more »
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Annual Where Is Eric Post

So we've had a couple clues as to the whereabouts of Eric Wright but we aren't sure. I last saw him in the winter of 2003 when Return of the King came out. Eric is the only author on that has earned his own category. Read the entries if… more »
posted by brendoman | 08/21/05| 01:18:22 am| Eric's Insights| 4 comments »

yo blogstronauts it has definately been a loooooong time. more »
posted by Eric | 12/27/04| 05:55:50 pm| Eric's Insights| 5 comments »

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